Katsuni is one of the latest pornstars to join the line up of Fleshlight Girls on offer for you to pick up and take home to enjoy. If you choose this babe, you will then need to choose between her two available Fleshlight textures: Lotus, and Lotus Garden. They share the same name, but they are quite different from each other.

Katsuni Fleshlight Lotus Garden

The Lotus Garden Fleshlight is the newer of the two textures, and it was created as a result of thousands of requests from men who had tried the original Lotus Fleshlight. So what were they asking for? Its simple… they just wanted more. More nodes packed closed together, and that is what Fleshlight created. Fleshlight Lotus Garden texture has 9 of the famous nodes of the original and that means that even average size guys can feel the full intensity that the original Lotus offered to the more well endowed men.

Lotus Garden Fleshlight texture image

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